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Vail says no to incorporation

Vail Arizona Map
Vail Arizona Map

Tucson City Council:

Resolution and Consent to Incorporation


Citizens for Vail - Incorporate Vail, Arizona
Vail - Community Resource Guide
Vail - School District

Media Sources:

Arizona Daily Star:
Vail incorporation election cost county $10 per vote cast

Arizona Daily Star:
Voters reject Vail incorporation

Inside Tucson Business:
No time like the present....

Arizona Daily Star:
Vail incorporation backers tout minimal services for minimum taxes

Arizona Daily Star:
Early voting has started in three school districts

Arizona Daily Star:
Vail incorporation set for vote Nov. 5

Tucson Votes to Support New Town of Vail

Arizona Daily Star:
Tucson supports Vail's bid to incorporate

Tucson Weekly:
Officially Incorporated? Coming soon (perhaps): The town of Vail, Arizona

Key Contacts:

  • George Mower

  • Scott Altherr

  • Joe Gulotta

  • Rob Samuelsen

  • Dick Katz

  • Curt Cowley

  • Dr. Syed Azam

  • Chris Bohnsack

  • JJ Lamb, Director Vail Preservation Society

  • Peter Minot, President Vail Chamber of Commerce

Pima Politicos Readers:  Do you have more information on Vail Incorporation?  Please post it in the comments section below so that we can add it to our resources list.

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